GREAT FOR A FLAIR BARTENDER STARTING UP! The new Flairco Mixology & Flair for the Working Bartender is an introductory level training DVD that focuses on classic bartending techniques and low risk, high impact working flair skills.

Your specialty cocktails will come to life with these classic bartending techniques combined with flashy flair moves bartenders use every day. Shake, stir, and muddle cocktails with pours and cuts that will make you look like a pro! Make more regulars that stay longer with great cocktails and easy to learn flair moves.

Starring Dean Serneels

MORE CONTENT: Over 75 minutes
MORE CONTROL: Interactive Slow Motion
MORE OPTIONS: Detailed Trick Index
MORE PROGRAM: Special Features & Trailers

Great gift, this is a perfect addition for those buying flair bottles!

  • This DVD is not region formatted and can be viewed in all newer DVD players. More specifically, these DVDs were created in NTSC, but can be viewed in a PAL player without problems. As well, they do not have a region code (region code 0), so they can be viewed pretty much anywhere in the world.

The Flairco practice bottle is now the training tool of choice for bartenders in over 100 countries worldwide. This bottle is excellent for all styles of flair, from bottle & tin to multiple object manipulation.

Why buy an original Flairco Brand Flair bottle?

The concept of a plastic practice bottle was created by a flair bartender named Dean Serneels. Serneels wanted to find a better way to learn new moves and practice his routines without the hazards of broken bottles. In creating the Original Flairco Bottle, Serneels founded a company to start manufacturing these bottles. From humble beginnings, the Original Flairco Bottle has grown to become the training tool of choice for flair bartenders in over 100 countries worldwide. The Original Flairco Bottles, now available in various sizes, styles and colors, are all thoroughly tested to improve their durability, balance and weight. Simply put, the Original Flairco Bottles are the best quality practice bottles available in the world. They are also the only practice bottles good enough to be endorsed by the Flair Bartenders Association (FBA).
  • Red, white and blue with black lettering
  • 1 liter bottles size
  • weight: 500 grams (1.1lb)

Perfect package for the pro bartender or starter! Always come to the party prepared with this COMPLETE set of bar essentials! This bartending kit is great, what an OUTSTANDING DEAL!

This Bartender Kit includes:

  • 1 Cocktail Shaker (28 oz.)

  • 1 Short Shaker (16 oz.)

  • 1 Strainer (4 prong)

  • 1 Speed Opener

  • 6 Plastic Pour Spouts

  • 1 Waiter's Corkscrew

  • 1 Red Knob Bar Spoon

  • 1 Jigger (3/4oz x1 1/2oz.)

    Perfect for you, and a great gift for that special someone! Upon request, we can have it engraved so if it's a gift it can be remembered forever! Get yours today!
    • 13 PIECE KIT!!!

  • Bartenders need to have this high quality nylon tote bag to store all their gear in one spot. Don't let your favorite shaker get scratched up on the commute to the bar. Keep all your bar tools safe in this essential bar tote bag.

    The Bartender's tote bag is a made of durable black nylon that is specially designed to carry a wide assortment of bartending essential tools. The bag is double zippered, so if one ever wears out you have your backup. With two compartments you can have one for large items and one for small items while at work bartending. This is a great and organized way to cart all your bar tools to and from the bar!

    Dimensions: 9 in. x 6 in x 3 in.

    So next time, don't embarass yourself carrying your favorite bar tools in some bland and boring bag, treat yourself to this specially designed bartender's tote bag today!

    • Size: 9" x 6" x 3"
    • Made from top quality, heavy duty nylon
    • Fits our popular bartender kit!
    • Color: Black

    The Bartenders Tote is the perfect solution for the on the go bartender or bar school student. All of the essentials in a convenient nylon carry case. Included you will find:

  • A 28oz cocktail shaker

  • 16oz short shaker

  • 4 prong strainer

  • 3/4oz x 1 1/2oz jigger

  • Red knob bar spoon

  • Speed opener

  • 10 oz ice scoop

  • 6 plastic pour spouts

  • 3 in 1 waiter's corkscrew

    Nylon tote Bag

    **Note to bar schools: We can reconfigure the contents of our tote bags to your specification for quantity orders, check out our Create-your-own kit
    • 15 PIECE KIT!!!
    • All the same components as our ever popular bartender kit, but in a convenient tote bag, with an added ice scoop. Everything you need to mix on the run!

  • The Corona Push-n-Pop is simply a variation on our regular push n pop, but is shaped like a mini Corona bottle. All the same functionalities, just with more of the fun! Everybody wants to see it work, says one bartender, Great, I tell them, just buy a Corona and I'll show you.

    The Be Open bottle opener is the easiest, most inspiring and entertaining way to open any bottle with a metal “crown cap” whether it is a twist-off or pry-top, such as those found on most beer and pop bottles.

    How Does It Work? - When you push down with the Be Open on a bottle, there is a lever that pops out in combination with the downward pressure, pries the cap off. Simple as that!

    Easy to Maintain - Some warm water and mild soap will keep it working smoothly for years.

    Excellent gift idea for the Corona drinker, get yours today!